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Welcome to Keep a Child's Smile Ministry
(KACS Ministry)

Keep a Child’s Smile is a Christian, non-profit organization serving Uganda. We are helping young people make progress in their lives through access to better learning, helping them with medical care and mentorship.

Our History

KACS Ministry was founded over 4 years ago with a mission to help young people make progress in their lives through access to better learnings. It’s a big ambition, and it’s far from a straightforward journey But We’re continually challenging ourselves to think differently, step in new directions, and inspire others along the way.

Today, we are community based organization that is active in 14 sub-counties to advance vulnerable children’s lives. Over the next 5 years our ambition is to transform the lives of 1000 children.

The organization was set up by Ugandan social work Philemon Byera-Nsanze and business entrepreneur Mary E. in 2017, with the original aim to provide food, education, mentorship and discipleship to children whose lives had been disrupted by the generational poverty and wars from DRC and Rwanda.

Philemon-Byera conceived the idea of a personal relationship between a child and a sponsor https://kacsministries.org/sponsor-a-child/– a model that puts the child at the center, and remains the core of what we do.

Our Promise

As children grow in both knowledge and faith, they also begin to gain a greater sense of a higher purpose that is deeply rooted in the concept of vocation, or calling. KACS promises to develop children’s skills and abilities and to help them become experts in service to others in their families, communities, churches and the world in order to give a richer meaning to their education and their future. A calling to serve—not out of duty or guilt but rather in gratitude—is a treasure in life.

Our Mission

We are helping young people to make progress in their lives.

With God’s help, our dream is to see every child have life in all its fullness, and discover the possible ways and means to promote programs on Education, Health Care, Mentorship, Discipleship, and Moral Support for the Orphaned children to lead a healthy, happy and successful life.

Our Vision

Keep a Child’s Smile Ministry is dedicated to changing, transforming and bringing a smile and lasting change in the lives of the destitute children through providing an education, stewardship, advocacy and support requisite for families, holistic, healthful, social economic success.

“I realize that school can help me achieve my goals and improve my life.”

*David 12 years

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