A school uniform allows the child to go to school with dignity. Two hot meals a day allow the child to focus, undistracted by hunger. The child’s mind and body is not stunted through malnutrition. Regular medical care gives the child a healthy body, free of intestinal worms or painful parasites and life-saving intervention for malaria. School tuition provides students with the best private education available in their region. Warm sweaters keep away the chill during their long walk to school each morning. Sponsorship rescues not only a child but their future children as well.

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School supplies

We make sure every child on our program receives their school supplies before they report back to school and that means a lot to the our children. Let's make the smiles prevail.

Food security

Like any other person, you need a full stomach to do anything, we make that happen with our children, $5 dollars a week helps to feed a child on daily basis so they can be able to concentrate in class. You can make that happen by donating $5 dollars per week!


We offer full partnership with schools, other organizations to help make progress in people's lives , we also work hand in hand with government, churches and families to empower them with life changing skills.


We love to know who’s praying! Sign up here to let us know, and we’ll send you updates on the work that God is doing at Keep a Child’s Smile ministry.


Volunteers bring their skills, experiences and enthusiasm to a broad range of tasks in the organization. We particularly need help in the following areas: admin, projects, social work, fundraising, website design. Our volunteers can offer their time daily, weekly, or monthly.

Woman into enterprise

Our vision is a sustainable projects where we can be able to help feed the families of Kisoro. Who does it help? Women in the some of the poorest communities in rural. Specifically, the mothers and grandmothers of the children in our partner primary schools.

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P.O Box 246 Kisoro, Uganda

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