Children under our sponsorship receiving their school requirements!

You can transform a child’s life when you become a sponsor, giving your child an equal chance to thrive and to better their future. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference to a Girl or Boy in need, ensuring they have food, and an Education. As their only Sponsor, you will have a special relationship with your Sponsored Child. You will receive Photos, Messages and regular updates emailed to you. It only takes a few minutes to become a Child Sponsor. For every child you choose, Sponsorship is $32 per month primary students and $64 per month for secondary students.

Remember! As the first charity organization in the Kisoro, we can offer you a whole new system of communication with this child. This gives you more control of how your money is being spent and it also gives you a more personal relation to the child (and other children if you want to sponsor more than one). Please note that your sponsor money goes to the children. Administrative costs are covered from other sources.

Our Children’s Christmas Party 2021.

We had our Children’s Christmas Party last year in December as usual, our children were so much excited to get together again and share different situations, ideas to life. we sung and danced for the lord for helping our community finish the year that had so many challenges and hardships.we cut our cake and children received their Christmas gifts, every children walked back home with a pair of bed sheet, food package and skirt/trouser uniform that were donated by supporters. to our generous supporters, you are invaluable to us, we love you and we need you! we appeal everyone else to support us with the building fundraiser that is going on well. Be blessed!

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